Sasawashi Buckwheat Lounging Pillow

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Filled with natural buckwheat, this small pillow is the perfect firmness and size for traveling, napping or lounging. Its innovative Sasawashi fabric retains twice the absorbency of cotton, while buckwheat's natural breathability is believed to be the perfect material for pillows in Japan's hot and humid climate. Buckwheat husks are boiled and soaked in kumazasa extract, heightening the pillow's antibacterial and deodorizing properties. The pillow is very gentle to the skin and no chemicals are used in its production. Includes a removable cover. 

Dimensions: Height: 3¾" Width: 7” Length: 12½”.



Pillow case: 100% Washi Paper, Insert : 100% cotton, Filling : Buckwheat, Kumazasa flakes.

Made in Osaka, Japan.