Copal Essential Oil

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Rich, resinous Copal Essential Oil is an opulent oil that contains abundant sesquiterpenes, a compound known for its skin smoothing serenity. It is also a shamanistic oil for spiritual purification and the cultivation of a harmonious heart.

Captivating Copal Essential Oil is steam distilled from the coniferous resin of the African tree, Daniellia oliveri,

that is similar to Copaifera reticulate, a tree native to the Amazon rainforest.


Historically, copal was used to dress the skin and relax redness and bring balance to skin spots and texture. It is still used in indigenous cultures in sacred ceremonies and meditation rituals to purify body and soul. When used for consecration and purification, copal conjures a sense of peacefulness, acceptance, and appreciation.


Scent Description: Warm amber balsamic notes with hints of a mossy citrus undertone and intermittent reminiscences of frankincense.